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Rubber Man's Club (RMC) is a club for gay and bi-sexual men who have an interest in RUBBER and RUBBER FETISHISM.

Member's interests range from individual items of rubber clothing to full rubber outfits, as well as gas masks, waders and wellingtons etc. Member's interests are wide and varied and not just restricted to rubber alone. Many members are also into leather, PVC, lycra, uniforms and sports kit. Our common bond is our interest in wearing rubber and promoting rubber fetishism.

Rubber Man's Club is the only London based international rubber and rubber fetish club, based in the United Kingdom. The club has members in many countries around the world. We publish a newsletter, "Rubber Review", which is a means of keeping in contact with the club. "Rubber Review" contains details of club meetings and those of other clubs. Rubber Man's Club is a member of the European Federation of Motorsports Club (ECMC). This allows Rubber Man's Club members to have the opportunity to visit other clubs in the UK and Europe. Rubber Man's Club members are welcome at events and parties at these other clubs. There is hardly a weekend in the year when an event or party is not taking place somewhere in the UK or Europe.

Rubber Man's Club meets monthly at The Wentworth Arms, Wentworth Mews, London E3 at 9.00pm on the last Saturday of each month commencing on the 25th January 2014. The club then goes on to The BackStreet for 10.00pm. Members dressed in rubber get in free at The BackStreet.

Please see Rubber Review Newsletter for more information.

If you would like to join Rubber Man's Club or find out more about us come along to one of our monthly meetings or email the club secretary at:

We look forward to meeting you.

Rubber Review Newsletter

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